Dayne Jones

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About me

I am a full stack engineer. I design and build a wide range of solutions for AddShoppers Inc and various side endeavors.

I love working with Javascript, HTML5, CSS3, SQL, PHP, Python, and Ruby.I also love working with React, Backbone, Angular, Django, Tornado, Rails, Git, Docker, Unix, MongoDB, Node, Bootstrap and the Bourbon family though I'm always testing out the latest technology in my spare time.

I am opinionated about writing code that is readable, well commented, and full of helpful variable and function names. Performant systems with extensive testing make me incredibly happy. When the browser is involved, cross-platform compatibility is my top priority.

When I'm not writing code for AddShoppers, I'm writing code or DIYs for When I'm not doing that, I'm learning the latest new framework or language.

A few things I'm proud of


The Poor Man's Data Pipeline

Livingly's Article Publishing Platform

Dayne's MEAN app

The Meal Library

Zimbio Trivia

Livingly's Email Marketing

Raspberry Pi Garage Door Opener

Lonny Magazine Visual Index

Beer Me a Link

StyleBistro Lookbooks

Howchoo Guide Tool

Monty Python Insult Generator